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Just a thought or two......
     In his book with Ken Blanchard, Everyone's a Coach, Don Shula tells of losing his temper near an open microphone during a televised game with the Los Angeles Rams. Millions of viewers were surprised and shocked by Shula's explicit profanity.
     Letters soon arrived from all over the country, voicing the disappointment of many who had respected the coach for his integrity.
       Shula could have given excuses, but he didn't. Everyone who included a return address received a personal apology. He closed each letter by stating, "I value your respect and will do my best to earn it again."
       There are two ways to gain respect. One is to act nobly. The other is, when you fail to do so, make no excuses.
       Just something to think about.....
      I hope you will be in your place this Sunday at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 as we worship God together.The sermon series on the Lord's Prayer concludes with "The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory."


Grace and Peace,

Marcia Cochran