Pastor Blog
Just a thought or two......
The story has been told of a farmer who was trying to teach his son how to plow a straight furrow. After the horse had been hitched up and everything was ready, he told the boy to keep an eye on some object at the other end of the field and aim straight toward it.
       "Do you see that cow lying down over there?" he asked. "Keep your eye on her and plow straight ahead.
        The boy started plowing and the farmer went about his chores. When he returned a little later to see what progress had been made, he was shocked to find, instead of a straight row, something that looked more like a question mark.
         The boy had obeyed his instructions. The trouble was that the cow had moved!

          Jesus will not move. He is the foundation of our faith, the faithful Rock who never moves, never changes in His love for us. We can be sure that if we set our eyes on Him, our path will be straight!

         Just something to think about.....


        I hope you will be in your place this Sunday for worship at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00!

Grace and Peace,
Marcia Cochran