Life Lessons From a Pandemic

“Life Lessons from a Pandemic” a Sermon Series


We will begin a three-week sermon series on “Life Lessons from a Pandemic.” All of us can agree that it has been a year like no other. Practically everything we considered routine was disrupted. Our relationships, jobs, and schools; the ways we shopped and were entertained; and yes, even our churches were all forced to adjust to new ways of doing things.
We can truly see the light at the proverbial end of the tunnel and what a blessing it is!
We thank God for the science that has made it possible to create vaccines to help control the virus. We have just experienced a holiday weekend that seemed as close to normal as anything we have done since the onset on COVID-19.
Now we begin to plan for life after the pandemic. As we do we have to ask: “What are we thankful for? What did we learn about ourselves and one another? How will our lives be different after the pandemic? What’s next?”

Over three Sundays we will address these questions and more in the following sermons:


June 6 | Psalm 30:2, 11-12 | “Unexpected Gifts”


June 13 | Romans 5:3-5 | “How Have We Changed?”


June 20 | Acts 2:42-47 | “The Gift of Each Other”


I hope you will plan to join us in worship and invite someone to come with you. I look forward to seeing you at the Church!