Church on the Lawn 8-22-21

Church on the Lawn | August 22, 2021


We had not planned on making this shift, but trusting God and taking one step at a time in faith, we hosted Church on the Lawn yesterday, and it was great!


What was it like?


Many, many people arrived before 9:00am when we started the service. Everyone was very excited to be together, and being outside fostered that environment of camaraderie! This year has been a rollercoaster, and finding ways for us to spend time with one another as the body of Christ is critical.


Tom spoke about the need to find ways to serve others when we are feeling down. I believe we served each other by being present in worship out on the lawn yesterday, fostering our faith with “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,” (Eph 5:19) as we met together.


Let’s continue to find ways to “Be The Church” together as we continue to learn how to walk in faith. We do not know what tomorrow brings, but we can pray and support our schools, and hospitals, and neighbors – one day at a time!


Here’s what to know for Next Sunday – August 29, 2021:

  1. Worship is on the East Lawn of the Church, just off Ocean Blvd.

  2. We will begin at 9:00am

  3. Come with your chair and fellowship together

  4. Invite a friend